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Best Deal and Coupons in Short

Free Access Paid Access
Search in all major flyers the current specials.
Show only product in special that have coupons available.
Direct access to the original source for coupons on the internet that are printable (you do not have to look all over the Web since everything is now in one place!).
Make a complex search by keywords for available products at all dealers.
Show the flyer specials for a specific merchant.
Sort search results based on multiple criteria.
Get double savings coupons match ups customized to include only the coupons you have in your binder (saves time by taking into consideration only the coupons you actually have on hand).  
See the product with the best possible prices over the last 12 months among special for this week in each merchants (only products with the lowest price in 12 months appear in the list).  
Access historical prices of products, among the 4,362,157 prices, to determine whether the current special for a product represent a real bargain, ie whether it is time to make reserves!  
Set in your profile your default preferences for search results.  

Free Access Paid Access
Find the best price obtained during the last 12 months in all major grocery and pharmacy flyers.  
Make a complex search by keywords and get all the products corresponding in the database even if there is not a special in flyer this week.  
Sort the search results with multiple letter/word.  
See a list of all the price history of the last 12 months to find the frequency and / the store(s) where the lowest price was recorded.  

COUPONS AREA Free Access Paid Access
Find coupons available according to several criteria (see advanced search).
Sort coupons search results on multiple criteria.
Directly and quickly add one or more coupons in your binder virtual coupons from the list of coupons listed.  
Set preferences in your profile for default research coupons template.  

MY VIRTUAL BINDER AREA Free Access Paid Access
Add/Remove/Modify your coupons in your binder (virtually unlimited customized configurations).  
Safeguard your data on our servers.  
Search the DOUBLE SAVINGS specific to your coupons.  
Search the DOUBLE SAVINGS specific to your coupons while removing that valuefrom the product price.  
Manage expired coupons easily.  
Quickly and effectively manage your coupons available for trade.  
Personalized 24h online page to promote your coupons available for trade and automatic maintenance of this page (you will get a specific private link to use on our site or for your external promotion in forums that allow it).  
Automatically calculate statistics on savings made with your coupons.  
Create custom reports based on multiple criteria for your needs.  
Effectively manage all types of coupons that you have (points bonuses, coupons for the purchase of clothing, coupons for groceries, etc..) In one place.  
Facilitate the exchange of all types of coupons that you have (points bonuses, coupons for the purchase of clothing, coupons for groceries, etc..) In one place.